Fashion || Hello September & Jumping on the Leopard Print Bandwagon!

Hello September and a big welcome back to my blog! 

How on earth are we on the second day of September already? With X-factor starting yesterday, Strictly starting next week and rumours of celebs entering the jungle on the horizon, that's 2018 pretty much done! September is a funny month. For many people it's, in some way, a 'new' start to the academic year, so I guess that doesn't make it stupid when I say I am looking forward to starting this blog afresh. I am now 5 month's into my 6 month placement in a PR fashion company, which means this time next month I will either be unemployed again, or getting ready to start a new job. I jolly hope it's the latter! As much as a challenge this placement has been for me, physically and mentally, I am so glad I have done it and hope it helps my job prospects tremendously! 

Now that we're starting a brand new month, what better time than now to set a couple of goals that we can look back on at the end of September? 

1) Find another placement/internship or even better, a full time job! - This one should be achievable right? I mean it kind of needs to be. I have been applying like crazy throughout the last couple of months with interview's never really leading onto anything more than being told I 'need more experience'. Fingers crossed September will be the month I can secure something a little more permanent. 

2) Go to the gym at least 2 times a week! - Again this one should be achievable. One of the annoying things about working in London is the unreliability of tubes and trains. When they're working fine travelling can be a doddle, but throw in a delay or two my journey can be affected by up to 2 hours. Hopefully this month my train home every night will be simple and stress free so I can enjoy a visit to the gym! 

3) Read one book! - I read two books in the last two months, so hopefully this one will become easy for me to do. I currently have Wilde about the Girl by the lovely Louise Pentland sitting on my bedside table begging to be opened. Hopefully this will be the month that I do! 

4) Spend Less! - This one is easier said than done when your favourite hobby is shopping. Nothing makes me happier when I'm browsing a shopping centre, and don't even get me started on the ASOS and Zara apps! This month I have set myself the challenge to save as I'm attending Stylist Live at the beginning of November and I want to be able to enjoy myself without worrying about funds!

Now that my September goals are out of the way, let's get talking about the truly important stuff... Who else is completely head over heels with the Leopard print trend?!? If you can enter a high street shop without seeing animal print then you're shopping in the wrong places. Seriously, this trend has really taken over the world and I for one am glad that it has. Considering the fact I am usually three steps behind everyone else on the trend front, which is ironic when my current job is literally working months in advance, I'm doing pretty well in the Leopard print department. At my last count I own 2 Leopard print skirts, 2 leopard print blouses, 1 dress, 1 bag and a couple of scrunchies. Leopard print is just so easy to wear and so flattering on every body shape too. My favourite styling has been pairing a plain t-shirt tucked into my midi print skirt with a pair of converses and leather jacket thrown on for good measure. (I am wearing a skirt from Nasty Gal, Top River Island, Shoes Converse and Leather Jacket Julien MacDonald in this blog post imagery). 

Enough rambling for now, I need to get started planning the rest of September! I've got big plans and I'm hoping to reach them! 

Let me know if you're loving the Leopard print trend as much as me, and how else I can style this skirt! 

Until next time,