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If you've been a reader of my blog for the last couple of years then you will already know my love and affinity for the brand Pixi. For over a year now I have been a big fan of the classic Glow Tonic so was extremely excited to receive this little box of goodies introducing the new #PixiPerfect trio collection. 

Amongst the blogosphere, Pixi has become one of the most iconic brands in terms of skincare. In particular the Glow Tonic toner, which has gained a cult following for it's ability to tone and refresh your skin. Personally, this has been a favourite of mine as it has always left my face feeling clean and refreshed after each use. 

The new launch, the #PixiPerfect trio of tonics, has been put together to target a different skincare area of concern. The idea behind the trio is to use them together to help balance the skin and make for #multitoning perfection. As mentioned, the Glow Tonic is already  a firm favourite of mine and I have only actually recently purchased another full size replacement! The other two tonics however look equally as cute and I am so excited to give them a try! 

First Impressions

Retinol Tonic | 100ml | £10.
This tonic has been created with the idea of rejuvenating the skin for a natural glow. The antioxidants and botanicals within the solution replenish the skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft. This product also states that it's great for soothing sensitive skin. My first impressions are that this product genuinely works nicely to refresh the skin. Unlike the Glow Tonic, the smell isn't as strong and it definitely feels more refreshing after use. I am exciting to continue using this to see how I get on! 

Rose Tonic | 100ml | £10.
Now I will admit I fell in love with the whole appearance of this product. What's not to love about a cute little rose bottle?! This product claims to sooth, tone, balance PH, minimise redness and calm skin. A lot of claims, which I am hoping after time truly does work! I used this product after the Retinol one to help hydrate the skin a little. Together these products work really well to leave the skin feeling clean, so I think I will continue to use these together. 

Overall I am really excited with this new release from Pixi. As exciting as makeup releases can be, there's always something special about getting down to the basics of beauty which is always skincare! 

A big thank you to Pixi for sending me the new Toners to try for this blogpost! I am excited as always to try them out and always enjoy receiving #PIXIPOST! 

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*Items in this post were kindly gifted to me, as always all opinions and photographs are my own

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