Beauty || DIY Look Fantastic Beauty Box!

There's only one thing that's better than a beauty box, and that's a DIY beauty box!

I'm so excited to finally have the time to sit down and start writing for my blog again, I honestly can't remember the last time I posted which for something I love to do is awful! With the holiday season coming up, I couldn't think of a better time for me to start it up again so here we are! 

Last weekend my mum and I attended Stylist Live for the fourth time. We've always loved visiting these sorts of trade shows together and both felt this year was better than all the previous ones we've been to before. One of the brands who had a stand over the weekend was Look Fantastic, and I couldn't help but take them up on their DIY beauty box offer! The deal was you could choose your own design of box with 6 deluxe samples inside and a mini Elle magazine for £15. Other's all clearly felt the same as the stand was constantly packed throughout the day. The only negative of the stand was how small it was, so with the large queues, 6 small boxes where you picked out your products was at times a little tricky to manoeuvre! But I took my picks and am so happy with everything I got!

I decided to go with the blue, burgundy and gold designed box. I loved this design and thought it would be perfect to hold some of my makeup bits. So like I mentioned above, you got the opportunity to choose 6 products out of the boxes. Products varied from false eyelashes and nail varnishes to eye and face creams. When looking for my 6 I tried to choose products that I either really wanted to try or that I knew I would already love. 

First up was the Yes To Grapefruit bubbling mask. I love a face mask and am always looking for something new to try on a Sunday evening. Bubble masks are also really popular at the moment and I've always wanted to see how they work. The brand Yes To is one I have previously heard of so I knew this would be in my box. Next up is the Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse. Over the last year I have really jumped onto the fake tan band wagon, never to late right? Previously I would get a tan done professionally at a salon, however after trying out a couple of self tanners at home I much prefer the results. This tan in particular is one I've heard so many people at work talk about, so I knew that I would want to give this a try. The tan claims to be streak free, but that's never usually the case for me when applying tan. To go with the tan I also added a cute leopard print tanning mitt from the brand Velvotan. I already own three of these mitts so know how much of a difference they make to a tan regime. In the past I would use a cheaper Primark alternative but was never fully happy with how smooth the tan was. I'm happy to say I only use this brand now for mitts! Next up is an EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet. I can always remember when these lip balms were so trendy to own and that everyone seemed to be ordering them from the states! Personally, I never was a huge fan but I love the scent and flavouring of this balm so am glad I'm finally part of the club! Then I spotted the Burts Bees glossy lipstick in Peony Dew and knew it was something I wanted to have. I've only ever tried skincare products from Burts Bees, so am really excited to give this a try! The shade is a gorgeous rose colour and definitely something I know I would purchase myself. The final product, and probably the most exciting of all, is the Emma Hardy Cleansing Balm. I've heard so many exciting things about this balm so knew that I wanted to try it out for myself as soon as I set eyes on it. 

So that's my little DIY Look Fantastic beauty box. It's always so much fun when brands do things differently, and I loved that there was this option over the Stylist Live weekend. My only negative would be that there wasn't that many different products to choose from, but for me I am happy with what I've got. 

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes at the moment? If so what one?

Until next time,