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I know there has already been a few of these 'I'm back' posts on this blog, but hopefully this one will be my last. It's taken me a good couple of weeks to bring myself around to writing this, but I am so happy that I have finally got a few hours to myself, and a fully functional laptop, to pull something together. 

This year has been one of the hardest yet. Mentally and physically. I have been struggling. For those who might not be aware, or have missed all of my miserable tweets -soz, my gorgeous cat Luna went missing back in January and truth be told I haven't been the same since. I know how crazy it sounds, and trust me before I owned our two fur babies I wouldn't have understood it myself, but the day Luna went missing a small part of me left with her and my life has been left upside down. It's now October and to this day I struggle to mention her name without me feeling like I am going to burst into tears, something I am trying my best to work on daily! Coming to terms with the Luna hole in my life hasn't been helped by complete strangers constantly phoning reigniting the hope of a reunion that let's be honest probably isn't going to happen anytime soon (although my fingers are always crossed!). 

Work has been challenging as well. As someone who suffers with anxiety and finds change a hard thing to deal with, working in fashion PR has been some what of a mountain to climb. I am now in my second year of working within my company and although I still feel anxious every time the phone rings, a press event, meeting people for the first time and travelling into work, I am slowly reaching the other side and starting to feel more comfortable within my position. With this being said, my current contract runs until December and although there have been conversations about me being kept on nothing has been set in stone. For a worrier like myself this is something I am trying not to focus on too much, but it's always in the back of my mind. For now I am trying to put these worries aside and concentrate on other things, hence my sudden return to the blogosphere world. 

Blogging has always been something I wanted to do. It took a lot of courage for me to start talking about my blog with IRL people, so for me to just set it aside for months this year has been such a shame. I am a creative person and this blog had always been one of the best outlets for me to release  my emotions and express myself. I can't wait for me to get more involved with the blogging world again and hopefully I will get back to the point where I post every weekend and more to a schedule. For now, I am not going to put too much pressure on. If I want to post every night? I will. If I want to post once a month? I will. I guess what I am trying to say is I want to start blogging for me again rather than for the sake of it. Since I've been gone (cue the Kelly Clarkson hit!) the only social media I have really kept up has been Instagram. I even started a second account to share my love of homeware, something I didn't really delve into on this blog. I am still debating whether I want to keep them separate or if I will at some point merge the two, but for now I am enjoying capturing moments and posting. So what have I been up to? Below is a quick snapshot of the past few months in photo form. 

Disneyland Paris with Emma

My gorgeous Alice has really come into her own since Luna has left. She's such a good girl, and completely my little shadow. She has helped to fill the gap her sister left 💔 

My brother Daniel, graduated from his Master's this year and I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony.
SO proud of him and all of his achievements! x

One week trip to Mallorca!

Disneyland Paris trip with Emma

Disneyland Paris with Daniel and Emma

Disneyland Paris with Daniel 

Disneyland Paris with Daniel and Emma. 

Spice girls concert - Fun fact I was anxious the whole evening, but had to put on a brave smiling face. It's funny what a picture can hide!

Daniel's graduation with Emma. I am so thankful to have her in my life ❤️

Mallorca nights, in one of my favourite Zara dresses!

Mallorca with mum ❤️
Another Mallorca night
Hopefully this gives a little insight into my world for the last months, and we're all caught up. I am genuinely excited to finally get back into it and sharing my love for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. This time there will be nothing to stop me from being more open and honest and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts. 

Until next time, hopefully sooner rather than later! 

My lovely Luna ❤️

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