I find this time of year to be so confusing. I LOVE Christmas, don't get me wrong, but I always feel sad that it doesn't feel the same as when you're a child. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a younger relative makes me so jealous as I wish I had that opportunity to experience things for the first time all over again. With that being said this year in particular things have felt so festive, and for once I am enjoying getting prepared and ready for the big day. There's so many things that have contributed to my sudden festive feeling which I am going to share today in this Blogmas post! 

Christmas Crafts

I've already written about two different crafts I have done this Christmas which I think are probably the main reason for my festive spirit. I love crafting anyway, but something about making a wreath or decorating a bauble just makes things that little more exciting. I finished making another garland yesterday for our kitchen and couldn't help but smile at my little work of art. It's a reminder of spending time away from a laptop screen with my mum and we have a lovely decoration that we can take down and put away for years to come. What a bonus! 

Christmas Movies

As mentioned again in a previous blogmas post, Christmas Movies are no strangers in my house. If you think I'm a Christmas movie addict then you really must be introduced to my mum. She begins watching them in July and if she had the opportunity probably would start even earlier. But honestly Christmas movies cure EVERYTHING. Feeling sad? Christmas movie. Feeling stressed? Christmas movie. Feeling festive? CHRISTMAS MOVIE!! You see the theme here...

Christmas Lights

One of the perks of the evenings getting darker earlier is being able to walk about and stare at all the twinkling lights before it gets too late. I am lucky to work in Oxford Street currently so I can see them every evening on my walk to the train station. Equally I am so happy with how we decorated our Christmas tree this year I can't help but sit and watch them whilst writing up Blogmas posts. Put on a few Christmas tunes and the setting couldn't be any more perfect. 

Spending time with family and friends

Obviously this is a given considering Christmas is all about spending the time with those we love, but it is so key and vital to feeling happy during this manic period. Christmas can be overwhelming, I know it is to me, so making sure you have down time between the rush is so important. I love just visiting friends for mince pies or watching one of my top pick movies on repeat with my mum. Nothing says Christmas without them. 

Hopefully some of these tips help if you're lacking that little bit of festive cheer! Please share anymore down in the comments, I'm sure others would love to read them too! 

Until next time, 

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