You've already had my gift guide for her, so this time it's over to the lads! Shopping for men, my brother in particular, is one of the hardest parts of Christmas for me. He's not fussy and has always loved pretty much everything I have bought for him, but he just struggles to come up with ideas for himself. If there's something he wants he just goes out and buys it. Hopefully this post will help you out if you're struggling, goodness knows I needed it to help with my own research!

Latitude top - £25 | Topman 

Check scarf - £15 | Topman

Tension Board Game - £15 | Debenhams

Virtual Reality Headset - £15 | Debenhams

Smartphone projector - £19.99 | Firebox

Worlds smallest zen garden - £7.99 | Firebox

What do you meme? game - £30 | Menkind

Glasses holder - £29.95 | Not on the high street

Scratch Map - £17.95 | Not on the high street

So there we have it! I hope some of the above suggestions are helpful, they've really helped me out and I now have so many ideas for my dad and brother! If you have any more PLEASE help a sister out as I am struggling! 

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