What's the first thing you think about on the run up to Christmas Day? No, not presents...FOOD! Christmas Dinner is such a key element to every Christmas Day and I get so excited to lay the table and make it look pretty for the fam! This year we've decided to go with a red, green and white theme for our table as it looks perfect against our white and silver tree decorations. 

Everything on the table was really really affordable and super easy to recreate (minus the cutlery and glasses)! Once you decide on a theme it's easy to decorate and it can be quite fun too. Instead of crackers this year, I spent a few pounds on getting small table gifts and wrapped them up to be a cracker alternative as well as doubling up as a name place. I found the placemats and coasters in Debenhams, red table runner from Poundland and silver table runner from Wilkinson. The small candles were ironically from Ikea and the silver presents are old family decorations that were once a table setting with chocolate inside. I am SO happy with how this has worked out and can't wait to enjoy many a festive meal around this table infront of the tree. 

Silver table runner - Purchased in Wilkinson but unavailable online

I feel SO much more christmassy now I have written this blogpost! I can't wait to spend some time wrapping up all of my presents and getting everything made cosy and ready for the big day! I would love to see you table ideas, do you do anything similar?

Until next time, 


  1. very festive. I love the red theme. my table (only 3 of us) will be gold theme this year.

    1. Gold sounds perfect! I had initially wanted to do the same myself, but couldn't find enough gold decorations to make it look nice xxx

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