BLOGMAS 2 || Wreath Making!

Since when did Christmas decorations get so damn expensive! I love decorating the house to look festive, but I have to draw the line at paying over £30 for a wreath that's going to come out for one month of the year! (How I wish I had the disposable income to be able to do that though!) 
Last month my mum and I were watching Stacey Solomon's XMAS Insta story where she made her own wreath from Ebay and felt inspired. Since then I have made two wreaths, and counting, of my own and even branched (get it lol) into a full on garland for the kitchen. I can confirm they're so easy to make and are such a cute Christmas craft! 
To make the wreaths you simply need a wire ring, batteries and the garland kit. Everything can be purchased through trusted eBay sellers for £13. A BIG reduction from store, and in my opinion they look just as good if not better! The garland kit is perfect as well as it's long enough to make two wreaths (just note you only get one string of fairy lights, but you can additionally buy these on eBay too). Also in the kit comes some red bows and supposedly pine cones/snowflakes. I say supposedly because I have never received the snowflakes and have only received the pine cones in one batch! 

To start the craft you simply cut the garland in half and then fold in half to find the middle. Once found you thread it into the ring and start to work your way around the wreath weaving as you go. When happy with the spacing the longest task begins. To cover the ring you have to take a little bit of time just weaving strands around. This helps to secure the design as well as hiding the copper parts. Next you add in the fairy lights. I find it easier to make a section of green at the bottom big enough to hide and hold the battery pack in. Start to weave the lights on the front and try not to just go around in a circle as it wastes some of the lights. The final step is to add on the red bows and any other decorations you want to. After you've added the batteries your wreath is ready to go and is guaranteed to look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S on any door. I imagine you're only meant to use the wreath inside considering the lights are battery operated, however it looks super cute on our front door in the porch.

So there we have it. A super simple and VERY easy Christmas craft that I know has a great impact! 
Have a great day! x

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