It's finally Christmas Eve and this time tomorrow we will be stuck in with full festive cheer and no doubt already be on to the 5th Mince Pie of the day! As crazy as it sounds though, I enjoy Christmas Eve just as much, if not perhaps a little bit more, than the big day itself. I love spending time with my family doing all the small little traditions that have followed us through the ages without the huge pressure of trying to make the day 'special'. I found an old post of all my Christmas Eve traditions and it's funny how relevant the post still is! 

Ever since I was little, my family and I would all go to the Christingle service at my local church on Christmas Eve. There was always something quite magical about walking there in the frost bundled up in coats watching the twinkling of the fairy lights. I’m sure when I was little, I was probably more excited at the fact I was allowed to be up late at night. The Christingle service itself is just so lovely with lots of families joining in with carols as a way of celebrating together. Growing up in a Christian family, Christmas always meant that little bit more to us, so it’s nice to take time out of our day to celebrate that on Christmas Eve. 

blogmas day twenty four

Christmas PJ’s
This is a relatively new tradition for my mum and I. We both love to snuggle down in a pair of super cute Christmas jammies. The past couple of years I have bought us matching PJ set’s for us to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. To go with the PJ’s I also remake my bed so I have a fresh pair of linen for the night.

Christmas present wrapping
Since I can remember, my dad and I have always spent Christmas Eve wrapping up my mums and brothers presents. My dad works so hard during the week and never has a lot of time to wrap his presents, so we love to do it together. Plus, I have to make sure he takes the price off of everything! 

Christmas movies
Watching a good Christmas movie is a must on Christmas Eve. The Grinch is a particular favourite of mine as it just reminds me so much of my childhood. I wish I could get away with decorating my house as OTT as the who’s do! 

blogmas day twenty four

Let me know if you have any Christmas Eve traditions! It’s nice to be able to look back on how different things get each year whilst doing the same thing. For us, we pretty much keep things the same, although instead of going home after the Christingle, we head down to the pub. 

I hope you have a very merry Christmas spent with everyone you care about the most!

Happy Christmas!

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  1. Christmas Eve is always the day that can't sleep, excitedly looking forward to tomorrow's arrival.By the way,I like custom hard hats


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