BLOGMAS 3 || Secret Santa Shopping

There's honestly nothing better than shopping for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. I research, hunt and spend ages trying to make sure I get it 'right'. I always struggle though when it comes to secret Santa and being given the rubbish task of gifting someone, who let's be honest you've never heard of or met before, a present under £5 or £10. 

I hope the below guide is helpful and vague enough to get you through the secret Santa season!

Sensible gifts

Personalised notebook - £4,

Bake your own cookie mix - £8,

Sausage dog hand warmers - £6,

Lightening bolt light - £8,

Festive socks - £3,


Secret Santa gift box - £12,

100 Tricks to appear smart in meetings - £9.99,

So there's just a few ideas I have at the current time for secret Santa gifting, which is the worst kind of gifting in my opinion! Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other ideas because boy am I struggling this year and it's only the 3rd! 

Until next time, x


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  2. I love Secret Santa when I get to buy something for someone I know really well or when they’ve made a list, but I agree, it can be dreadful when you barely know the person. I love these ideas though! Great post ☺️
    Lots of love,

    Chloë |

  3. Thanks for commenting Chloe! I love secret Santa too but it can be blooming hard can't it!



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