Every Christmas I always try to buy one 'treat yo'self' advent calendar. Luckily for me, this years one was actually a gift from my mum and dad...#gifted lol. I was so excited to get my hands on the Glossybox calendar as it actually ended up selling out quite quickly! We're only 6 days in and I am so glad that this little beauty is mine...there's some seriously good products in here that I would genuinely purchase myself! I've decided in this little blogmas blog series I'm going to gradually share them a few days after I have opened it all so it gives you the chance to still be surprised if you've not had the chance to open yours for yourself! So here's advent doors 1-3, enjoy!

So behind door number one was the beautiful NYX 'ultimate' eyeshadow palette. What a start to advent! The shades are absolutely gorgeous and are very very wearable! Next was the cutest mini Nomade by Chloe perfume. It's a scent I've never smelt before, but I really like it! Finally (for this post) day three was the inclusion of the Glossybox blending sponge. I've only recently been a convert to sponges, so I can't wait to start using it!

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