Welcome back...

Why hello there, long time no speak. Last time I published anything on this little section of the internet was back in December 2019, so to say life has changed rather is quite the statement! In the short time from December to April, I have started a new job, celebrated my birthday and discovered how versatile and comfortable I can be without leaving the house. At the time of writing, we are currently on week 3 of a UK lockdown, and I'm in week 4 of isolation due to the Coronavirus. I've always been an introverted person, and enjoy my own company however even this is testing me! I struggle with change and nobody could have guessed that this would be the new way of life when entering 2020. Personally for me I fear that life will never get back to where it was. I can't imagine getting on a train and going into Central London for work, popping down to our 'big' Tesco's to do the weekly shop (what's that?) and I don't know about others, but I feel all of the precautions we've taken over the last many weeks will be hard to forget. We will look back on this time in years to come and remember the month the world went crazy for toilet rolls and hand sanitiser. The time you had to queue for over an hour to grab a few essentials from the supermarket.

It's funny how in times of fear people unite stronger than ever. I don't like to spread controversial opinion or political views, but one thing that needs to be remembered when this has all become a memory is the fearless fight from our wonderful NHS. What hero's. I'm lucky to have Emma, my brothers girlfriend, as part of a courageous nursing team who are first hand fighting the virus. She's truly heroic and although she won't accept any compliments, thanks or well wishes as she considers it just 'her job', I hope she knows there's many people thinking of her and all the good she is doing today and always. Thanks Emma. 

I hope everyone is coping well during these hard times. I know I am struggling with coming to terms with life and am lucky that, for now, I am still able to work 9-5 keeping some form of normality. I'm going to leave this post here for now, but have plans to create some content, self shot as always, to fill my feed with positivity. Enjoy the little throwback of the last few months. Stay safe & stay home! 

until next time,