Anyone else get caught out during the hot spike last week? Because I certainly did! So much so I decided to pull together a little Zara order to fill the missing spaces in my wardrobe of clothes I threw out last year, and thought I would be able to replace a lot easier this year! Zara isn't always my cup of tea, but when they've got some good pieces online they're one of my favourite places to shop. Hopefully these staples will be easy to wear with what I already own and be perfect for Summer days out in the garden, because let's face it we're not going on a holiday anytime soon! 

I loved how simple this white t-shirt is. The frilly pocket makes what is something boring a little more fun and I know I will get lots of use during the summer with shorts, but also in the cooler months as a layering piece. I also needed some updated denim this year, especially post lockdown! Zara is usually a hit or miss with bottoms so I ordered these in a couple of sizes. I would say these hi-rise shorts with ripped detailing fit true to size but would suggest ordering one size bigger if you want them to be super relaxed. 

I saw this relaxed vest with bows and fell in love! It was actually out of stock when I placed my first order but put my email down to be reminded and got it the next day. Much like the white t-shirt above I love how simple this is and I know it will be easy to style. The polka dot skort is also a favourite of mine from this order. It's simple but can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Although I am happy with this purchase I have decided to order again one size up as the fabric is a little tight and I want it to be comfortable. 

Then I saw this relaxed t-shirt dress for £7.99 and thought I would see if this style suits me. Sadly I don't think it does, and it's a little shapeless for my liking, but I love the idea of it! I am going to be keeping this one despite my views on it, as know it will be great when the weather gets even hotter to sit in the garden in! 

I then found this cute gingham dress with a small puff sleeve and fell in love. I love the puff sleeve trend going around at the moment and think this dress will be great on a summer picnic, even if it is just in the garden. I also loved the idea of dressing this up with a pair of wedges on holiday when the time comes! 

Again, I needed another pair of denim shorts so tried out this style. If I'm honest I am not sure if I will be keeping them as they make me feel...big. They fit perfectly on the waist but the leg holes just don't sit right and the weird panel on the front looks odd to me. I'll be having a think about these ones! 

Finally, I saw that I owned 0 maxi dresses so decided to try out this little beauty. I love the gorgeous coral colour, ruffles and the fabric of this. The neckline is more plunging than I probably would have chosen, but the straps are adjustable to give some support. 

So there we have it, my little Zara haul. I know my picks aren't that adventurous but what can you do on a furloughed budget! There were a couple of misses that I haven't shown above as they didn't fit correctly. I think Zara's sizing has and will always be a risk when it comes to ordering online. At the moment I vary from size 8-14 depending on what the product is which isn't great. 

Until next time, 


  1. These are such cute pieces!! I love them!

  2. I love your style. I have the same dress as the black one but in a dark green. I do fashion collages because I am anonymous but there all my creations. Here is my blog please follow me and comment. Great post.

  3. it’s such a joy reading your posts. Great job!


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