Phillip Kingsley | My Haircare saviour!

It's taken a good few years for me to find the products that work best for my hair. My hairs long and in some places thin which has always been the biggest insecurity and worry for me. I've tried all of the thickening shampoos, leave in sprays and tonics to try and build some volume but nothing ever worked the way I wanted. That was until I was recommended the brand Phillip Kingsley by a friend. I've never looked back! Last Sunday I used up my favourite products so did a little re-order on the M&S website as well as including something new that I hope will work great too. 

Hair treatments aren't anything new, however to me I had never tried them. I'm now onto my fourth pot of this stuff and it honestly does wonders. The Elasticizer is a deep conditioning treatment that you apply in wet hair for a minimum of 20 minutes before washing out and following your normal hair routine. You can use this however many times a week you want, but I like to apply it as part of my Sunday pamper. I apply in the morning, wrap my hair up in a bun and then go about my day before rinsing out in the evening. The product is literally what it says on the pot! It makes your hair more 'elastic' which prevents breakages and fall out, it also leaves the hair feeling smooth and shiny! 

The next product is one that I just thought would be great to try and something that on the bottle sounded like the perfect addition to my routine! You apply the Root Boosting spray after a hair wash before drying. You spray directly to the roots and massage into the scalp and then blow-dry. I've only used this one a couple of times but can already tell the difference it has made to the texture and volume. One thing I'm not sure on completely is how chalky it felt on my first use, but I do wonder if I perhaps sprayed too much so I'm willing to give it more of a trial. 

Finally purchasing two Phillip Kingsley products meant I qualified for the free gift set including 4 travel sized products. I was so happy that the Elasticizer was part of this set as it's going to be handy if and when we're finally able to travel abroad again. The root boosting spray was also included in this set which is great too. Next are two products I haven't tried before but was on my list when my budget extended to it. The Body Building Shampoo and Conditioner. I've read so many reviews on both of these products which I hope to be true, however my hair will be a good test for that! 

So there we have it, my Phillip Kingsley hair saviours! If anyone has tried any of these products let me know how they worked out for you, particulary the shampoo and conditioners. 

Until next time, 

Beauty | Harrods Beauty at Intu Lakeside!

Harrods Beauty Bear

When I first heard that my local shopping centre Intu Lakeside was getting a brand spanking new beauty shop I was so excited. Then when the news broke that it would actually be a Harrods beauty hall I was over the moon. Lakeside is full of so many incredible stores, including a few stand alone make up ones, but it really was missing one of this kind. So on Friday Emma and I decided we would pop down as soon as it opened to see what it was all about and we were not left disappointed!

Harrods Window Display

Firstly the store itself is the perfect size for the wide variety of brands that are included. The aisles are large and allow social distancing which is ideal currently, but it also allows you to differentiate between the different brands. Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Penhaligons and Nars had the biggest displays and product ranges to select from, but smaller brands were also highlighted in individual aisles. With the current laws Emma and I didn't test anything out in the store on the day but the sample selection was great too. We worked our way around each aisle and was so excited to see all of our favourite brands in person, including a few that we hadn't ever seen up close before and thought were online exclusives. 

Another thing to note was the whole shopping experience itself. We were greeted by a lovely shop assistant and security guard at the door who welcomed us in and handed us a cute gold basket. Each main stand had someone offering help if needed, but allowed you to browse and prompt any interaction and the smaller ones had someone hovering every few metres or so. Nothing felt forced and we didn't feel like we had eyes on us the whole time. Both Emma and I commented on how nice it felt to actually look and we probably did browse for a good hour or so getting lost in all the makeup! The store also had a few stands of non makeup products too. These included the famous Harrods bear, water bottles and the new normal face masks. 

It was dangerous to our pocket but we enjoyed our little shopping spree, keep reading to see what I purchased!  

I had told myself I wasn't going to go too crazy on this trip, and I think I reigned myself in very well (I say as I'm fully preparing to go back for the Iconic London illuminator!). First was a repurchase of a very loved product of mine and my used to be daily lipstick. The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in shade Super Cindy.  This colour is definitely my perfect nude and the colour that makes me feel the most like 'me' so I always make sure it's a repurchase of mine. The next product was absolutely encouraged by Emma who told me all the great things about it. The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream which claims to help smooth and visibly tighten the appearance of skin. If this works, you best believe I will be shouting about it from the rooftops! Finally I was swayed by the aisle of doom AKA the checkout which had so many mini products which always look so cute. The Tonymoly Egg Pore Nose Pack is another brand I had heard a lot about so wanted to try them out for myself. The pack comes with 7 sheets and I can't wait to get them out and use them. 

Overall Emma and I had such a lovely time visiting Harrods beauty. If you were to compare it to anything it would be Sephora, which as you know is a store the UK is missing! 

Until next time, 

Beauty | September Glossybox 2020

It's September, the start of the school year and the beginning of life getting back to some form of normality... we hope! I always love the start of a month for a variety of reasons. One, it means pay day will be coming very very soon and two, my glossy box will soon be arriving! This month was also extra special in the world of Glossybox as I preordered my advent calendar which I am so excited to receive again this year. Last year's advent was incredible and the little brand sneak peek we've been shown looks equally as good. But enough dilly dally, let's delve into this months box. 

The first thing I just want to mention briefly is that I don't have as much details of the individual products to share this month as my box didn't come with a contents card, so annoyingly I have no idea if it's a theme or what. From what I gather September's box is focusing on skincare and a good ol' pamper! The box arrived this month in it's classic pink with black ribbon and tissue paper packaging which is by far my favourite one they do. I've mentioned it before but I like to keep hold of my boxes and keep them as storage. As pretty as the 'special editions' are, the pink classics look nicer when together! 

The first product in this month's box is a Mine Tan prep and prime coffee body scrub. I'm guessing by the brands name you use this in the shower before a tan to exfoliate and rub off any remaining colour from a previous application. I can be so lazy when it comes to tanning so am excited to give this a try to see if it actually works. I wish I was an avid coffee drinker too as I'm sure the scent would be very enticing to some! Next up was Avant Supreme Hyaluronic Acid Antioxidising DUO Moisturiser. I'm never sure why skincare like this in included in boxes when they're so specific to skin tone and personal preference but I'm sure it will be lovely. Annoyingly I've just got my skin to feeling nice after a horrible face mask break out so don't want to tempt fate by adding a new product into my routine. I'll either keep this one aside or give to Emma to try so it doesn't go to waste. Then I received Ameliorate Intensive Skin Therapy which is from a brand I've never heard of before. The product states you apply this onto the skin in any 'troublesome' areas and massage until the balm has fully absorbed. I think this product would work really well and can't wait to try it. Another new product this month was the Wishful YO GLOW Enzyme Scrub. I'm guessing this product is an advert this month as inside the box was some information about what it is and how to use it. I feel like this product is another one of those 'I'm not sure I want to try this right now' situations, but again I will pop aside and keep for a rainy day/give to Emma! Then finally product wise was an old favourite which Glossybox have included before and I loved. The Imperial Leather Foam Burst Ultimate Body Wash. I'm not joking when I say I love this product! You can use it in the shower or bath as a body wash, but I prefer to use it as a shaving foam on my legs. You only need a small pump and it goes very far leaving your skin refreshed and smooth. It states the can lasts 15 showers, but you could deffo get more than that! Finally it wouldn't be a pamper box without a little treat, so I was pleased to see a Lindt Lindor Chocolate Bar included too. Now I've just got to hide it from the family...

What was your favourite thing from this month's box? I think mine is the body wash, but I could be tempted with the skin therapy cream too! 

Until next time x