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There's nothing I love more than a little DIY project, especially if it means up-cycling something that needs replacing but can have a little bit of extra life squeezed out of it. I was watching Stacey Solomons Instagram story where she showed a complete renovation of her bedside tables from something plain to chic and fresh. Being inspired I decided that I too could do this, lol. I initially thought it would be harder to do but in reality it took a day, a few supplies and a lot of patience. 

What you need

  • Marble vinyl
  • White wood paint
  • Silver wood paint
  • Decorative drawer knobs

The steps for this little project are so easy and need little explanation, but I'll briefly let you know how I did it. First of all I cleared my side and gave it a complete wipe down. Depending on what material your side is made out of you might need to sand it down too, but I didn't need this step and was able to apply the vinyl directly to the top and paint to the surfaces. I would say the vinyl application was probably the hardest out of everything to do. My only advice to make it easier is to roll it onto the table whilst rubbing it down and smoothing. The great thing about vinyl is if you make a mistake it is relatively inexpensive to replace, or you could just pull off and try again. Next I decided what colours I wanted to use for the sides and drawers. I went for white and silver to match the jewelled drawer knobs I had found in TKMaxx. After removing the old drawer knobs I started to paint a couple of layers to the drawers until I was happy with the colour. The final step is to add the new drawer knobs and to put into place. 

Overall I was super happy with the outcome of this little project! I was planning to replace the unit completely but as money is now a little tight thought this was a great alternative for now.

Let me know if there's any other DIY's that you've been up to and are as easy as this one!
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