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Happy Sunday! 

It's the week before Halloween and I know what you're probably thinking if you read my post of the Hallotober tag. 'You don't celebrate Halloween why are you pumpkin picking'. Well the honest answer is, I don't really know! But it's become somewhat of a tradition over the last couple of years and something I wasn't going to let COVID ruin this year too! Unlike last year I wasn't able to visit a pumpkin patch as normal as annoyingly my local and favourite patch were working on a booking slot schedule and they sold out understandably very quickly. But I wasn't going to let that be the end of my mission and managed to get one in our weekly shopping from Tesco. I won't lie, it's not the best pumpkin in the world but let's be honest it does the job! 

Once you've got your pumpkin there's a couple of options for you to decorate. You can go old school like me and carve into it. Or you could go down the different route and decorate by painting, sticking or embellishing them. I've found a couple of great examples of this on Pinterest that you can find below! I've linked the ideas which you can view by clicking on the images! 

I decided to go for a classic design for my own pumpkin and used a pen to draw the rough shape of what I wanted it to look like. After some careful carving and scraping out of the insides I was left with a cute little pumpkin that lights up exactly how I had imagined it too. Next year I might try to be a little more creative, although I'm also hoping we will be able to easily get to a proper patch too! What do you think of my little creation?

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