Beauty | Glossybox November 2020

It's Glossybox unboxing time and boy do I love writing these posts each month. We've been treated with so many great products over the last few boxes so I have great hopes for this one. This months box has also reminded me that next months will coincide with the opening of the 2020 Glossybox advent calendar that I was lucky to get my hands on back in the summer. I will be unboxing this throughout various blogmas posts like I did last year so make sure you check those out if you're interested in seeing what's inside those! But onto this months box...

This month's box was titled 'Make up and magic' so I already expected great magical things! the idea was the box would include a variety of products that would prepare you for any upcoming celebrations that the end of year holds, albeit very different ones this year I'm sure! With this month being a magical theme I had thought it would come in a box that reflected this, it didn't but I'm not sad about it. I've always been a big fan of the classic pink, so this will be very useful down in my office as usual for storage once empty. Now, I won't lie to you at first glances of this box I am a little bit disappointed. I think I said something similar last November, but October's boxes are always very strong and November's just seem weak. I don't know if this is because budget and funds will be going into the December edition but there's just something about it. With that being said I do still like the products but maybe wouldn't have put them together! First up is the makeup palette from LA SPLASH COSMETICS £29. Now, this is a lovely palette and includes many shades that I would pick from a larger palette but in one that's more compact. I do think that it feels a little cheap and childish with 'Eyeshadow Palette' being written under the mirror because lets face it we know what it is, but I think I will get some uses out of it. I like that the darker shades are still wearable and that the black eyeshadow could double up as a liner if needed. Next up is the SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS Limited Edition B07 Brush £7.99. I love that they've included this brush in this months box as it's one that I was missing in my collection. I literally have a brush for everything at this point but have never found the right amount of fluffy blending brush. This brush is perfect and priced so reasonably! Then this is where it goes a little downhill... Next up is a QUE BELLA Recharge & Restore Moonstone Glitter Gel Mask £2.49. This face mask is applied to your skin with your hands where you wait for it to set then peel off. It looks nice and I look forward to using it one Sunday evening when prepping for the week ahead. Then I received GENERATION CLAY Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask £19.32 mini deluxe sample. Yes you've read that right another face mask. Two in one box? I'm always a little confused as to why boxes do this as it's something that would often be done in Birchbox! I've read some good reviews about this product so I am looking forward to using it, just on a different day to the one above! On a side note this product actually spilt all over the box so there was that. Finally I received HASK Argon Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner Treatment £2. Another mask of sorts. I've tried a few of these masks in the past, but if I'm honest this one will be going to Emma as I'm currently using a Phillip Kingsley treatment to thicken my hair. This product is great though and would make the best stocking filler. 

So that's everything in this months box. What did you think of it if you're a subscriber too? Were you a little disappointed to have received 3 masks this month? I am so excited to see what December's box holds and what they have in store for the advent, I've heard it's meant to have some incredible brands in it! 

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  1. This looks like such a good box! I especially love the look of the eyeshadow palette, so many lovely shades. I would be a little disappointed to receive three masks in the same box, which is one of the things that puts me off trying these beauty boxes xx

    Hannah |

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Hannah! The boxes are usually really good which is why it's so confusing that this one was slightly below par! Not sure who's idea it was haha xx


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