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It's the first weekend in November which means the countdown to Christmas is now officially on! With lockdown 2 being in place across England, I've started to slowly add little hints of Christmas in different areas of the house, I wonder who the first to notice will be! 

I had an exciting email appear a couple of weeks ago that couldn't be more fit for me and my blog if it tried! Cattitude Box is a monthly subscription full of gorgeous goodies for both cat and owner alike! I was delighted to receive their November box with the theme 'Catflix and Chill', because let's be real our little furry four legged friends don't enjoy the fireworks as much as us humans this month. Inside the box was 9 unique products perfect for all the chill vibes and provided my little Alice and I with a pre-christmas treat! So let's take a little look inside shall we...

First of all we need to talk about how gorgeous the box design is. I'm a sucker for good packaging as you will know if you've read any of my Glossybox posts. It's always important for me to buy from companies that think outside the box, literally, so to receive something that will be reusable is a big tick for me before even seeing inside. After everything is taken out this box will take pride of place in Alice's corner with all her favourite toys! I love how this box is split with cat treats and a little something for us ladies too. Alice was very excited to sniff the box and smell some catnip delights and lucky her she received two of them! The Catnip Chill Pill toy is the perfect gimmick and is exactly what she needs after a crazy midnight run around. We also received a little elephant catnip toy too which I'm actually going to pop into her Christmas stocking but I know she'll enjoy playing with that too and will no doubt try to hide it as quickly as she can! Next for Alice was a bag of Beaphar calming cat treats with flower and herb ingredients to promote relaxation and relieve anxiety. Alice is a very anxious cat and gets frightened at her own shadow bless her, so it will be interesting to see if she will feel different with these. Alice's final treat in this box was a gorgeous cat bow tie in a rainbow print with little bell. She's going to look absolutely darling in this! Now for the cat mamas..

First up is a Rhubarb and Custard Toms Tea. I am VERY excited to give this a whirl as it sounds right up my street. I'm such a big tea drinker but do want to reduce my milk intake. This will be a good alternative I hope and with no caffeine or added sugars this could give me the chill I need right now! Next is an easy origami cat kit. I am always up to trying out new things and hope to have the patience for this. Let's just hope I can follow the instructions properly. Then there's this Cat Necklace by Innabox featuring a cat mandala. The different colours stand for different things. Red for strength, orange for creativity, yellow for happiness  green for healing, blue for inner peace and pink for love. Initially I thought this might be a cat toy, but now I know what it is and after reading the description of the different colours I am excited to have this in my office to look at each day as a little reminder of all those things. As soon as I saw the next product my heart had a little flutter of happiness. I am obsessed with sheet masks, especially with more evenings inside so this fits in perfectly. This Kitten face mask is the most adorable thing and will be one I will enjoy using! Finally was this gorgeous cat shaped vegan cookie. I can report it was delicious with my afternoon cup of tea and helped me to finish this blogpost perfectly! 

So there's everything from the Cattitude box. What did you think? Overall I was very very impressed with all of the products included and love the whole idea of being able to treat yourself and your little best friend at the same time. These boxes retail for £31.95 a month (with prices going down slightly if you're to do 3 months or 6 months subscriptions) and include a big variety of products that you would often look at in a shop to buy for yourself but never get around to it. You can tell that the box has been curated by cat lovers and include products that are high quality and full of character. A big thank you to the Cattitude team for sending this box and I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for your exciting Christmas box coming in December! 

Until next time, 

*This blogpost features a product that was sent to be in exchange for a review. All words, pictures and opinions are my own and are, as always, 100% honest. 


  1. haha ! so cute ! my cat would love all the treats .

    1. Isn't it just the cutest little gift! I love it xx


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