Blogmas Day 1 | Welcome to Blogmas 2020

It's the 1st of December 2020 which officially marks the start of Blogmas! I love this time of year, and although it is going to be extremely different, I'm determined to make it just as special. With lockdown nearing an end and life becoming a little bit more relaxed again, I'm hoping that some of the Christmas traditions can still take place, albeit from a distance & wearing a mask!. Speaking of lockdown, did anybody else decorate super early this year? I won't lie to you, I have slowly started to get out the festive pieces from 10th November hiding them in plain sight from my family. We have a family tradition that we will get our real tree on the first Saturday in December so we've got a couple of days to wait until then, but the fake trees are up in my room and the Christmas bedding is on! Being the Christmas lover that I am, I have two trees for my bedroom and I love to decorate them with special ornaments that I've purchased myself throughout the years. This year is no different and my 2020 ornament is a rocket ship from M&S, marking the end of my career with them for now and how out of this world the year has been!! 

So that's a little look at the decorations in my bedroom. I'm trying to keep things more minimal and classic year, however it wouldn't feel christmasy without my pink tree with pink ornaments! Have you decorated your tree yet? Will you be having any decorations in your bedroom? Leave your blogmas posts below and I will have a little read. Until tomorrow...


  1. Excited to see your Blogmas content! All of your decorations are so cute, and I totally don't blame you for getting them up so early. It's well needed this year xx

    Hannah |

    1. Ahh thank you lovely! I love Blogmas content, can't quite believe we're here again! xx


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