Blogmas Day 10 | Christmas "Baking" - Faking it till you make it Gingerbread trees!

Usually during Blogmas I would share a wonderful little bake featuring some cute christmas cookies or a gingerbread house. So if that's the sort of post you would like to read, then please check out last years HERE. Unfortunately like everything that is going on this year, I just haven't had the time to bake. Which is extremely ironic as last year I was working full time, but running a small business means I am working 24/7 so I do have some kind of excuse! Today's post is more Christmas 'activity' inspiration and I know it was aimed at children but it kept me busy for a couple of minutes and it made a delicious treat for the family. 

You can buy these kits from so many shops, but this one is from my local Co-op. These kits are so nostalgic for me as I remember my brother and I always doing something like this when finishing school for the Christmas break. There are literally no rules, tips or advice I can give to you other than let your imagination run freely and just go wild! I tried to decorate it nicely however as you can tell I got a little carried away. 

So there you go! Sometimes it's just nice to do something a little bit festive without the big mess and clear up of the whole kitchen. I apologies for the laziness but you've just got to do what you can at times like these right! Let me know if you're planning on doing anything like this, I would love to see your creations and gingerbread houses! 


  1. Oh, how neat! I never did that, growing up, but if I was going to now, I would definitely need the kit. I do want to do some Christmas baking this year, but probably just Christmas cookies. Thanks for sharing your artistic creation! :)


    1. Christmas cookies sound delicious and just as good! I hope you have fun making them xxx


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