Blogmas Day 15 - Christmas Drive In Cinema Experience

T minus 10 days til Christmas and I feel like I've still got so much to do! This time last year I had bought and wrapped all my presents and was chilling all smug, the picture is certainly different in 2020! Planning seems to be key this year and trying to feel christmassy is a task in itself, so it was a welcomed surprise when my dad won tickets to attend the Sky VIP Luna drive in cinema experience to watch Love Actually on Monday night. I didn't quite know what to expect from the evening but it was such an organised event. 

I had tried to get tickets for the drive in cinemas over the summer, but as the weather was nicer and everyone was looking for something to do of an evening they were always sold out. This event was a perfect treat and organised to every single detail. When you arrived you had to drive through a fairy light tunnel and was handed a small speaker box that had perfect audio to listen to the film to. This box also worked as a speaker for any updates or information throughout the night. Once through the tunnel you were directed based on your car size to a parking space where you were spaced quite far apart allowing you enough space to comfortably open your doors if you needed to pop to the portable toilets that were positioned at the side. Unlike the summer events you were required to stay in your car at all times and wear a mask if you're going to the toilet. This wasn't much of a problem as it was rather cold. I had worried about this element as you were told to turn your engines off but we figured out how to run the car with the running lights and normal lights off every so often to keep the heat inside and to stop the windows from fogging up. Once the movie began everyone had a perfect view of the raised screen and any of my worries of there being a delay with the speaker not matching went out the window (literally) as it was perfect audio. 

Now the bit we all care about and perhaps what I was most impressed about... the food! When you arrived we had a little number placed on the drivers side wing mirror. You placed orders through their website and had to write this number in along with the last three digits of your number plate for food to arrive quickly. My dad and I got a cup of tea, hot chocolate and some sweets only as we had our dinner before arriving for the late screening, but there was a good selection of hot and cold food on offer. The servers were all using electric scooters to get across the parking lot quickly and they all looked like they were having fun doing so which always brightens the mood. 

Once the movie was over you were instructed to wait until you were told to move and this was done extremely quickly with everyone on the move within 5-10 minutes. I was very impressed with this as did have fears that it would become a one for all when it came to the end. 

Overall we were so impressed with our experience and I am so pleased that my dad won the tickets for us through Sky. Sadly all of my family weren't able to attend the event but we're hoping to book for the spring when you're able to sit outside of your car. Would highly recommend checking if there are any tickets left at the Luna drive in, especially if you're looking for any last minute Christmas bits to do to get you in the festive mood!

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