Blogmas Day 16 | Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Happy Wednesday! I just wanted to start today's Blogmas post thanking everyone for the kind comments I've received this month so far. Blogmas has always been one of my favourite times to blog and this year it seems more needed than ever! So onto today's post and my favourite kind of online shopping... secret Santa!

With Christmas parties and in person secret Santa's becoming so 'last year', I've decided to have a quick little look online to see what's available and ready to send right now to reach your colleague, friend or family member in time for Christmas. I found some amazing bits that could also double up as stocking fillers (fun fact my family have never done Christmas stockings).

This post doesn't contain any affiliate or AD links, so feel free to click and browse!

Working in PR, I have received my fair share of these biscuits but they never get old. They're the ultimate biscuits I have ever tasted and they would make the best gift. The above is one of the boxes they sell, but they also have smaller more cheaper gift sets as well as decorating kits and chocolates! 

This game is such a big family favourite of mine. My brother first introduced us to it after a boozy holiday with his friends and we now love to play it during family occasions. Hopefully we will be able to play it at Christmas if restrictions allow. They also now sell this as a waterproof version which will be brilliant for any potential summer holidays - fingers crossed!

I mean... how very 2020!

So there we have it, a random selection of gifts that I think would make the perfect secret Santa/stocking filler present. I love looking at random presents online and there's so many great websites additional to the ones I included that you can look at too. 

Until tomorrow

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