Blogmas Day 17 | Personalise Your Christmas

I'm a lover of crafts, and there's no better time to show someone you love them in gift form quite like something hand made. This year I started my own small business, which you can actually read about on Blogmas Day 12, where I make personalised cards, gifts and other bits which make any occasion special. Personalisation doesn't have to be tricky though, and there's actually so many great ideas on Pinterest particularly that you can do with basic items found online or picked up when doing the food shop. Below is a few of these, along with some bits I have made myself this year. 

Dress up your cookie gifts with gorgeous packaging! This idea is so cute and festive and everyone loves a home baked good! 

I love this idea of a homemade ice cream sundae in a box. You could even find some shoeboxes to reuse by wrapping in christmas paper to make it that extra festive. Most of the bits included here can be found when doing your food shop too which means you won't have to make any unnecessary journeys or online orders.

I know this box includes a variety of random bits and bobs, but I thought it could also work with any samples you might have saved for gift additions. The great thing about making your own hampers is you're able to personalise them fully to suit the recipient. You could even add little gift tags to each item with a little quote/meaning behind it being gifted. 

I saw these and couldn't not share! How perfect would these be for that Starbucks addict in your life. Festive, fun and practical! 

I mean... if a gift was labelled 2020 this would be it's contents! I need to make these! 

I'll leave it here with this... say's it all really! 

Until tomorrow 

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