Blogmas Day 19 | Bringing Back That Festive Feeling

I always find this time of year tough and overwhelming, always have and probably always will. I love Christmas and still do, but it's such a pressured time of the year all in order to make one day perfect. This year things won't be perfect and I have struggled coming to terms with that. We won't be seeing either of my wonderful grandparents  and I am so sad, anxious and worried that they will be on their own, although have the comfort that they have each other. Although we still don't know 100% what the plans will look like for Christmas in 2020 there are a few things that I have been doing to try and get myself excited for the festive season. So if you're struggling and looking for ways to feel all Christmassy, or even to escape 2020 a little, try out some of the below. 

Christmas Crafts

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but crafting is honestly one of the times I feel fully free and zen. There's something about being able to pop on a film/YouTube video or listening to music whilst making something for someone that is so relaxing. This week alone I have made a handful of christmas cards, painted a china candle holder for my mums present and did a couple of drawings. Also, nothing says thoughtful quite like a handmade gift. 

Christmas Movies

As mentioned again in a previous blogmas post, Christmas Movies are no strangers in my house. If you think I'm a Christmas movie addict then you really must be introduced to my mum. She begins watching them in July and if she had the opportunity probably would start even earlier. But honestly Christmas movies cure EVERYTHING. Feeling sad? Christmas movie. Feeling stressed? Christmas movie. Feeling festive? CHRISTMAS MOVIE!! You see the theme here...

Christmas Lights

One of the perks of the evenings getting darker earlier is being able to walk about and stare at all the twinkling lights before it gets too late. This year in particular has helped us to see how important it is to take a few minutes out of a busy day to go for a little walk so what better time. Last year I wrote about being able to look at the lights on the way home from work on Oxford Street, what a difference a year makes! We've gone a little extreme this year and have followed the theme of every house in my road and popped outdoor lights all around the front of the house. Our road is bright, sparkly and it's given something for the children to smile at. 

Hopefully some of these tips help if you're lacking that little bit of festive cheer! Please share anymore down in the comments, I'm sure others would love to read them too! 

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