Blogmas Day 21 | Gift wrapping ideas!

What's better than an evening/afternoon spent in-front of the television wrapping up all of those last minute Christmas presents? I love wrapping gifts and pulling together a little present theme for people. At this point I have a variety of ribbons, bows, papers and decorations to make Christmas a little bit special for someone, we all know it's needed this year. 

I take Christmas way more seriously than it needs to be and try to think out a little theme. This year I decided to stay clear of last years classic brown paper and ribbon for something a little more fun. I actually bought my paper before the OG lockdown in March from Ikea for 10p a roll and absolutely loved how cute the little drawings are. To match the paper I opted for white sparkly ribbon and pink/blue bows. This paper is so easy to wrap with and if I'm able to get to an Ikea early on next year (fingers crossed) then I will try and get some more. It's the perfect thickness that holds the shape perfectly. Ikea - who would have thought it! 

It makes me laugh when I write a whole post about Christmas wrapping when in reality I'm not going to be doing anything different this year than a basic wrap with ribbon and bow, but it's nice to see some examples of what you could do if you're wanting something to fill your time with. So enjoy some of my presents below along with some inspiration from good old Pinterest!

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