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Well this is a different kind of Christmas Eve post than normal. For the past 5 years of uploading Blogmas posts, Christmas Eve would be one of my favourites where I would share all of my traditions. Yet another thing 2020 has stolen from us. We always knew this year wouldn't be full of our normal Christmas festivities, but I had hoped some of our traditions might be in place still if even from a distance. Sadly not, thanks Tier 4!!! 

Instead this year we will be making some new traditions, as well as being able to still do a few of our old favs, so perhaps they might even join our list! 

Christmas Eve Walk
2020 should be known as the year we stayed home, yet went on 20393093 walks! One thing I will be thankful for is how nice it is to be entertained with so little. Going on a little walk is fresh and a great way to clear your mind. We've decided to go on a little one to get a little bit of exercise and to start our Christmas 'week' off to as good a start as we can get. 

Christmas PJ’s
This is a tradition that my mum and I have done for the last few years and probably the most treasured considering we're all about comfort these days! I tend to buy my mum and I our Christmas PJs in the January sales the year before. I am so thankful I did this last year as I wouldn't have had much of a chance to properly browse this December. I've also got my Dad a pair of PJs this time and I know he will love getting involved. This years ones are from Marks and Spencers and are glorious!

Christmas present wrapping
Since I can remember, my dad and I have always spent Christmas Eve wrapping up my mums and brothers presents together. I know this year he felt like he was given the gift of time by working from home so has actually done a lot of his wrapping already, but he promises me he might have a few bits and bobs to do with me! 

Christmas movies
Watching a good Christmas movie is a must on Christmas Eve. I usually watch a movie as I'm going to bed as we would have had a busy day popping here there and everywhere with family. Obviously this year we will have a lot more time to chill. We've actually already purchased a selection of Tesco party food that we will warm up and have on our little table to pick at whilst watching something on the tele. I think there's actually going to be a nice selection of new Christmas specials this year which will be perfect to settle down to before bed. I probably will watch a classic 'Rudolph the red nosed reindeer the movie', which is a childhood special. 

blogmas day twenty four

Let me know if you have any Christmas Eve traditions and if you're going to have to change any of them up this year. We normally spend the day visiting family, attending a church service and then having a fish and chip dinner. I'm gutted this won't be the case this year. 

I'm still not sure what sort of post I will upload on Christmas Day, or if I will upload a double whammy Boxing Day instead. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading my Blogmas posts this month, they have gone by so very quickly and I've had so many lovely comments. I've truly found my love for blogging again and am looking forward to continuing in 2021, although I can say I am looking forward to not publishing everyday! 

Have a lovely Christmas, sending lots of love to you if you need extra warmth xx

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