Blogmas Day 4 | Glossybox Advent

I can't believe it's taken me to the 4th December before sharing this years Glossybox advent calendar. If you followed my Blogmas last year, which let's be honest you don't have to scroll that far to find (bad blogger!), you would have seen I had one of these then too. I was so impressed and excited about it I knew I wanted to get another one as a little treat for myself. I've been a subscriber to Glossybox for over 5 years now so know the quality and choice are usually spot on. I'm excited to open all of these doors. 

The design of this years box is different to last time, which I love as the storage nerd in me can think of one million ideas of how I can reuse when January arrives. The drawers have small boxes inside all numbered from 1-25 and make it truly feel like a present each day. Not many advent calendars include something for Christmas Day, and from the experience of last year it's bound to be worth the wait! 

So what was behind the first few days? Let's take a look shall we....

So there we are, the first three days of my Glossybox Advent calendar and boy is it good! There's something so christmassy about opening these little boxes everyday and it's truly a gift to me from me! Like last year I'm opening this box completely blind and have hidden the little booklet that includes what's inside so I don't ruin any spoilers for myself. I can't wait to see what the rest of the boxes include. 

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