Blogmas Day 5 | Christmas Movies

I won't lie to you, I have been watching Christmas movies since the beginning of November. In fact I actually watch them all year round. This year more than others has been about comfort and reassurance, Christmas movies are this to me! I enjoy the classics, the cheesy tv makes and the new modern versions. Over the years my list of favourites has changed in ranks but the festive cheer remains the same...

1) Klaus - Available on Netflix
This movie was my favourite Christmas movie of 2019 and after watching it for the 3rd time in a week at the end of November, probably still ranks highly for me. I just love that a Netflix movie that is still a little bit underrated can bring festive joy and nostalgia. From the clumsy, like-able postman to the first grumpy turned chatty toy maker this film has so much character! In brief the film follows the motto of 'One act of kindness can inspire another' something we all should take into our own lives. It's worth a watch immediately - oh and did I mention how gorgeous the animation is! 5 STARS!!!

2) The Grinch - DVD 
I couldn't have a Christmas movie list without including The Grinch. It's such a classic movie and is truly timeless. This movie is also on my list of movies to watch on Christmas Eve too as it gets me completely in the festive spirit. I'm sure I don't need to tell you a rough storyline but incase you've been living under a rock, The Grinch tells the tale of someone who's on a mission to steal Christmas with his sidekick dog Max. However his mood quickly changes after meeting little Cindy Lou and he soon finds he has a new friend! (Probably should mention the NEW Grinch movie, however that's not as enjoyable as the OG version)

3) Arthur Christmas - DVD & Netflix
This movie is also a big favourite of mine (shock) but one that is really really loved or really really hated. Either way, it's not one of the movies people talk about. I loved the modern take on a classic Christmas tale. The storyline, graphics and many many rubbish jokes keep me coming back for more and it's another movie on my Christmas Eve viewing list.

4) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer The Movie - DVD
I said this last year, but this is honestly the film of my childhood. Before my cousins and I grew too cool to get together and spend Christmas Eve as a family, we would always watch this movie. I have so many happy memories from this film and was so excited to find it being sold on Amazon! Annoyingly it's in German and I have to change the country every time I want to watch it, but what a small price to pay for a lifetime of memories (lol). Another great film to pop on your list - the music is pretty nostalgic too! 

So that's my top 4 Christmas movies. All of these are unchanged from last year, which speaks millions about how big favourites of mine they actually are! Please let me know what your fave movies are as I would be VERY interested in investigating further myself! 

Until next time, x

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  1. What a great list! I have heard so many good things about Arthur Christmas, and I've been meaning to watch it for ages now! Good to know that some people hate it though, I'll be sure to lower my expectations haha just in case xx

    Hannah |


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