Blogmas Day 6 | Our 2020 Christmas Tree

Our family 2020 Christmas tree is up, which means the season has finally begun! Although it was a completely different experience choosing and picking it than last year, I think I've finally reached a Christmas high! With the new restrictions in place we knew that this year we wouldn't be able to be as picky (by we I obviously mean me as I have been known to be rather indecisive, lol) so did a quick visit to our local garden centre to pick one out and bring it home. I know I say this every year but this tree might just be my favourite. I had decided before going that this year we would try and find one a little taller this year so went down the 6-7ft section. Well we have definitely been fooled as this one is definitely over 8ft! (I secretly love it and it's honestly my dream tree!) 

We've always had a real Christmas tree so this tradition is one that truly means a lot to my family and I. We don't normally do a tree theme, but this year I decided that I would try and do silver, white and glitter. All of our family ornaments have changed over the years and I've found that my special decorations are actually on my bedroom tree than in the lounge. This year we've also got another tree in my dads home office to make his zoom background appear more festive, gosh knows we need it. But back to the main tree. Most of these decorations are the same as last year and are from Next. They do some amazing packs of baubles and look pretty without costing a fortune. I'm always a little weary about where we place ornaments with Alice enjoying looking at herself in them, but don't mind her playing with these if she happens to knock them off. So let's take a closer look. 

So there's the tree and the official start to feeling all the joys that come with this time of year. I know it's no secret this will be a different one but hopefully we can find the small wins, and this is certainly one of those occasions. I'm excited to spend weekday evenings curled up on the sofa watching tv with the twinkly fairy lights sparkling in the distance. 

Let me know if you've posted pictures of your tree as I would love to take a nose! 

Until tomorrow! 


  1. I love going to pick a Christmas tree, it's such a fun festive activity! Also love that you managed to find your dream tree, 8ft is massive!xx

    Hannah |

    1. We're still loving it but it makes me laugh every time thinking about how we were duped by the salesman! Thanks for all the lovely comments xxx


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