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It's time for another one of my favourite beauty blog posts, it's a Glossybox unboxing and with it being the first one of 2021, I am super excited to share it. This blog has turned into a little Glossybox shrine over the last couple of weeks and I won't lie, I'm not mad about it!  (Don't worry though things will be turning back to its normal structure in February and I already have some wonderful posts coming your way that I have worked hard on!) 

January's box was themed around 'Starting Afresh' and with it being the start of a new year it couldn't come at a better time. For me January is the month when I truly attempt to strip back all of my makeup (lol at the fact I hardly wear any these days) and make skincare the focus of my mornings and evenings. The products inside this month's box truly reflects that so let's take a look inside shall we...

The classic pink and black box, ribbon and tissue paper are all back for January and if you have been reading before you will know how much I love it when the boxes are stripped back to their classic image! I love to reuse my boxes for other things down in my studio, and with the colour theme being pink and white they fit in perfectly and come in super handy too.

Up first is the Saint Luxe Clear Brow Gel. Saint Luxe is a brand that was first introduced to me through Glossybox and the products I have tried in the past were brilliant so I was excited to give this a try. I know I mentioned that I haven't been wearing makeup in my day to day over the last couple of months, but I often apply something in my brows to make me feel like I've got things together! The brush on this product is small and easy to apply evenly. It makes the brows stay in place whilst looking fuller, it's brilliant! Next was a E Cooking Moisturing Serum. This product claims to be good for all skin types and ages, which is quite a big claim! I don't think I have been using this enough to give an overall review on the differences, but I like the texture and scent of this. I also like how it makes my skin feel instantly moisturised after application. I'm looking forward to how I get on with it. Then there was a Beauty Pro Avocado Infused Sheet Mask. I love a sheet mask and am always excited to receive new ones through these boxes as they make for the perfect pamper night treat. I haven't tried a sheet mask from this brand before, but I am looking forward to using it this week. Next up, the Mudmasky Serum Infused Eye Mask. I am extremely excited to try this mask as its a product that has sold out on the Glossybox website after having great reviews! To use this product you apply delicately under the eyes and wait for the mud to do it's job. If the claims are true I expect to see changes up to 12 weeks! Finally, a product that I was happy to see included in this month's box as I always enjoy when there's something different. The Daily Concepts Reusable Makeup Remover Daily Reusable Rounds. I have tried, and used already, a couple of different reusable makeup pads but haven't found any that I love. I am hoping these will be the change to that. 

The little extra product included in this month's box was something that made me laugh, not sure if that was the intended reaction! Glossybox are looking out for their subscribers and included a Hand Sanitiser Gel! Where were you last March when you were properly needed! It's in a perfect small size and feels really moisturising on the skin. Thanks Glossy!

So there we have it, January 2021's box! I still can't believe we are talking about being in 2021. It's my birthday next month and in 2020 it was the last celebration my family and I were able to properly celebrate together. Looking forward to lots of together time this year! What was your favourite product included in this month's box? For me it has to be the brow gel or avocado sheet mask! 

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