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Hello 2021! - It's so nice to finally be able to say that 2020 is done and dusted, and although we still have a lot of challenges ahead of us, there's more positivity and promise of a better year than we have had.

It's so nice to be back blogging on my usual Sunday schedule! For the whole month of December (minus the last week) I have been uploading a post a day as part of the Blogmas challenge. I loved it, but I'm so happy to have the time to sit and write posts at my own time and pace again. I had thought about when I would post after Blogmas and decided that actually, I didn't want to force anything. So instead of my usual NYE/New Years Day uploads, I decided to just hold off until today and I'm glad I did as it has allowed me to mull over all of my new year goals. So let's get onto them...

Firstly I have actually decided not to set resolutions this year, controversial I know! 2020, as we all can agree, was a year that didn't quite go to plan. So with this in mind I don't want to put pressure on 2021 being a certain way. Let's face it 2021 doesn't actually need to do a lot to better the year we've had! What I have done instead are 2021 goals that are achievable, reachable and less likely to make me feel like a failure when we reach this point in a years time when reflecting. I'm going to set goals monthly, and hopefully reflect on these to make sure I have met them at the end of the month. 

January's Goals

- Run 10K every week 

- Make 30 sales in my small business

- Write and upload blogposts every Sunday

- Read a book 

I'm trying to keep myself feeling positive and hopeful for the year ahead which if you know me will understand how hard this has been over the last couple of months. I'll get there, and hopefully having a couple of goals to keep my mind busy will be a good thing too. 

So until next week, stay safe and Happy New Year! 


  1. Setting monthly goals is such a great idea, and good luck for this months! I look forward to seeing your future posts xx

    Hannah |

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment x

      I think small monthly goals work better too! Hope you've had as good a start to 2021 as we can! xx

  2. Hi! I wrote you a message about possible collaboration, did you get it?

  3. I love your blogs so much! I am saving this page so I can come back to help me along the way!

  4. Big big fan of you. Keep up the great job!

  5. I wish I could run 10K every week! I am going to set a goal of running once a week!

    1. Ahh I'm thinking that 2K, 5 times a week could be doable? Could even do 3K for 2 days a week letting me have a lay in on a Sunday xx


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