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We’re at the end of February and WOW what a month it has been! I might be a little biased, but February has always been my favourite month of the year considering it’s my birthday month! In fact when this post goes live (28th February 2021) I have just celebrated on the Wednesday 24th prior. It was a weird one being in lockdown and all, but I managed to have a somewhat lovely day! I’ve said in the past I find my own birthday to be a time of high anxiety for me, so in some way being in Lockdown actually allowed me to enjoy it without the pressure of doing ‘something’. My family were amazing and made the day special by decorating nicely, putting out balloons and buying an incredible cake for me. I got some lovely pressies and some lovely memories to go with them! But enough about that, onto this weeks post featuring a very exciting new product in my life that was very kindly gifted to me a couple of months ago, giving me some time to properly try it out before sharing my true opinions!

Unless you've been living under a Instagram free rock for the last couple of months then you might have seen this brand featuring on a few accounts. Estrid is a 100% vegan 5 blade razor, designed for people who are after easy pain-free hair removal. When I was asked if I wanted to try one of these razors out for myself I jumped at the opportunity. So what did I really think of it?

First of all I need to talk about the packaging. I am OBSESSED with how chic, simple and stylish it is. I love brands that aren’t afraid to actually speak with their customers on a fun quirky level and this brand certainly does that. It reminds me a little of Glossier in colour, but also very unique in the format of how they style their writing. I was sent the complete starter kit in pink which included one steel razor, two replacement heads and one moveable razor holder that attaches to any smooth surface. Everything came in a letterbox friendly box and the box had everything completely separate which made it feel super luxe. 

It was super easy to put the razor together for the first use and I found the perfect spot for the wall holder to. With only being used to using a normal razor, I was a little surprised to the weight of this one. I thought this would be an ongoing problem for me as I did find it weird to use for the first time but you soon get used to the weight and pressure that you need to apply. 

So does it work better than other razors? Honestly? yes and no! Yes, it works. And yes it looks nice, is better for the environment and looks impressive. However like mentioned above I do find the weight a little annoying as it tilts forward. With that being said I am 100% converted and don’t think I could look back now. I love that you can replace the heads helping the environment a little and I love that it comes with a holder and blade covers which are super important. Another positive is that there is a colour for everyone if pink isn’t your thing! 

So there we have it! Have you tried this razor? What are your thoughts on it! I love how quickly something can come into your life and change a whole routine for you. Let me know your thoughts! 

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