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I've been loving writing again recently, and it certainly gives my brain something else to think about than the news these days! Today's post features this unique product that I had never even thought about or considered up til now, the Tweezerfile. Honestly, now we're onto lockdown number 3 and with the beauty industry being closed for the foreseeable we are all looking to home DIY treatments to get our fix. 

Personally I have always opted to leave my brows and am happy my school days went by with 0 over plucking. When they do need a tidy though I often think about the need to keep my tweezers looked after. Normally I would purchase a new pair, but now this product has a come into my life my tweezers will have a longer life! 

Tweezerfile is a beauty tool that sharpens and renews your tweezers giving them an extra lease of life. I've been using this product for a couple of months now and have really noticed a difference in how easy it makes the plucking process. 

The product itself is super easy to use and requires little effort. You place the tweezers either side of the tool and slide it up and down on the file applying some pressure whilst doing so. After that you're done, simple! The team at Tweezerfile gave me a few tips on eyebrow tweezing, which I will share below! 

"Work from the inside, over to the outside then underneath i.e. first pluck the hairs between your eyebrows, then pluck the hairs above your arch, to properly define it. Next, take out any hairs that are on the outside of your end mark. When you have done this, pluck under your brow. This is where you can determine how thick or thin your brows are. Be really careful to keep the plucking underneath consistent in both eyebrows!

In fact, make sure you don't do one eyebrow and then the other. Instead do a few hairs on one eyebrow and then even it up on the other side. Stop regularly and check that they are coming out even. 

To make your plucking most efficient, stretch your skin tight and pluck from as close to the root as you can get. This makes it far less likely that you will break a hair and leave it too short to grab with your tweezers. Also, pull the hair in the direction it grows, to make it easier to pluck. 

Finishing touches: It's likely the skin around your eyebrows will be inflamed and sore once you have finished, so have a soothing cream to hand. 

Available in two beautiful colours, coral and petrol blue. Available via and from Amazon. 



That's all for today's post. Until next time x

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